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My job is not something worth talking about. It is really just a way to get through college, so I think I would tell people I am a professional student before anything else.

So far, the best thing about college has been the doors it has opened. Actually, no. They aren't doors. Especially at this point in my life, I can do nothing but think about them. I am talking about the ideas that are presented to me from conversation with those much older (maybe not 'much') and wiser than myself.

The schooling itself has done little in terms of the overall value the educational system is supposed to carry, so far. I mean, I do enjoy learning things, but for me, college can't be all about a continued path of learning. I plan to be in the world of acadamia for quite a while (all my life), so for now, the most important thing I can pull from college is the doors, no, not doors, windows, telescopes, perhaps, that it allows me to see.

Just recently I was talking to a fascinating professor of American History. In the most enlightening moment of the past few months of my life (maybe longer), I realized that I might want to be a librarian. The satisfaction that came from having some semblance of organization in my life far outweighed the benefit that I have seen so far out of the learning part of college.

It is this redirecting of my being that I think I like most about my job.


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