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Meaning of Life

Here is the newest installment from my new series, “Posts Taken from Facebook Notes.” Enjoy.

Tom Grill and I once talked about the meaning of life. Although he probably didn’t realize at the time, that conversation was one that would stick with me, even to this day. When confronted with the question, Tom answered simply: “To have a positive influence on people.”

*Although I included quotation marks, I cannot guarantee these are his exact words.

Ideals and cliches to live by are a dime a dozen. Many people (myself included) claim to live by an idea, yet, when the novelty of a new quote has worn off, they falter in the fulfillment of its meaning. Short proverbs to live by don’t often stick around long enough to have any valued effect. I think Tom and I had this conversation during my sophmore year. Here I am, a graduated senior, and I still remember and attempt to live by what he said.

I suppose my reason for writing this is to share this idea. Obviously, “the meaning of life” cannot be a singular thing as it would be impossible to pin down one purpose to fit 6 billion people. However, with the idea of universal truths in mind, I feel that this might be one of the most important things I have learned.

So, after reading this, think about it. Mull it over. Chew on it. Whatever. But keep it in mind. As Tom has proved, people have a much stronger impact than they know, or even intend. It is in the best interests of everyone involved if one tries to make that impact a good one.


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