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Formspring Post #1

Taking a leaf out of my friend Fran’s book, I am going to use formspring for some ideas. Here is the first of this installment.

What are your thoughts on the Marquette discrimination case?

I feel like my views have been nicely summarized by the post that I linked to on my facebook wall earlier.

More personally, I feel like the whole incident was handled improperly. However, a private institution maintains the right to follow its own doctrine in whatever way it chooses. Also, to say that Marquette is anti-gay is to narrow an argument. People who are riled up about this conveniently ignore the fact that gays are currently employed at Marquette (sidenote: I am using the word gay to refer to both male and female homosexuals). Like I said, the incident was handled very poorly, but I maintain that Marquette is well within its rights to control any offers it puts forward based on whatever criteria they choose.

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Here is the post to which I referred earlier:

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